The sun is shining & spring has sprung… that means there is only one thing for it: it’s time to get DIYing!


Spring time is notorious for homeowners to spring clean their nests, with 33% of us considering clearing out the cobwebs and 35% of us spending time serious time turning our hands to those little home fixes that are needed – the dreaded DIY!… Recent figures released by American Express state that a whooping £3,400 a year is spent on home improvements.. Here’s a little breakdown of the costs we spend on average a year:

But what happens when those DIY jobs, turn into unexpected bigger projects?


Firstly, question yourself if you can afford to undertake a new DIY project. If you have money saved, or money spare, doing those extra odd jobs can be a good weekend time filler… but remember that it is likely that that “a lick of paint” will turn into more decoration work & carry a heftier bill than just a few tubs of magnolia paint.


Secondly, ensure that you have a safety net… if you’re undertaking some DIY, consider what could go wrong and what is covered on your insurance. Often, home DIY projects (and accidents related to them!) are not covered. In fact, only 15% of online compared insurance companies cover accidental damage as part of their basic package… which means it’s likely that your insurance doesn’t cover it! Check with your insurance provider & if its not covered… discuss what cost this would be to add it on (and what cooling off period you have!)