1.) New Bedding

Bedrooms with nice bedding help Buyers picture themselves in the room.

White Company
White Company adds a touch of luxury


2.) Table Settings

Show your Dining room at its best and purchase nice places and table settings

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 17.46.07


3.) Cushions

Adding some plump cushions to your sofa can change the feel and look of your living room into a new and inviting space

Cushions for Home Staging
Barker and Stonehouse


4.) Table Lamps

Matching Lamps can pull a room together, either bedside or on occasional tables – add them to additional rooms to pull multiple rooms together.

Arcadian Home
Arcadian Home


5.) Rugs

Add some texture and colour to hard floors with – a complimenting Rug!



6.) Fluffy Towels

Theres nothing more appealing than a clean bathroom with fresh white towels

Home Staging Accessories


7.) Mirrors

Your house will be the fairest of them all with Mirrors bouncing light around your rooms, giving the appearance of a larger room… make sure they’re spotlessly clean!

Home Staging Accessories


8.) Outdoor Plants

Bay Trees go a long way to giving your property ‘Curb Appeal’ – Freshen up the outside of your home with plants and window planters with colourful flowers and deep dark greens.

House Staging Accessories - Plants


9.) Minis

No, not the car or the alcoholic kind, Mini Bathroom Accessories can give that nice ‘Hotel’ feeling, allowing buyers to have that luxury feel. Just remember have a completely clear bathroom & put away all other bottles!

Home Staging Accessories

10.) Bright Light Bulbs

Nothing is worse than the first impression of a room being dark as you wait for your energy efficient bulb to heat up. Buy bright lightbulbs for that pop of light

Home Staging Bright Lights







If you have any suggestions for fantastic Home Staging Accessories – Leave us a Message!Top 10 Home Staging Accessories