Your home is your BIGGEST investment. This is why when its time to sell.. you shouldn’t sell unless you “Sell Smart”.


What does “Selling Smart” actually mean?

By selling smart, you are arming yourself with information to make educated decisions about selling your property. There is a lot to think about when selling your home: “Am I ready to sell?”, “How much should I market my property for?”, “Which Estate Agent should I trust with the sale of my home?”, “Should I just choose the agent with the cheapest fees?”

Weighing up all the questions (and answers!)  aids forming an educated opinion, and ultimately means you will be ready to Sell Smart!


Step 1: Know your homes current worth (which helps when deciding your homes value!)

Consider key factors in your homes worth when calculating your homes worth. It is easy to compare the price of your property to that of your neighbours who have recently sold, and when considering factors such as location, recently sold prices can help but also consider other factors:

Condition:  Have you laid oak flooring throughout? A new kitchen? tiled out a new bathroom?

Modifications & Renovations:  Is your property finished to a high standard? Have you added a conservatory? Sky lights? Added built in Tech ‘Smart Home’ gadgets?

Location:  Are you within the catchment area for a school which just gained Outstanding Ofsted results? Has planning permission in the area just meant that your area has up and coming facilities? Are you within walking distance of a Waitrose or Sainsburys? (Waitress can add up to 12% price premium where Sainsburys adds up to 10%).


Step 3: Know how to add value to your home

Consider looking at renovations (or simple modifications) that will boost your property price. Our blog on The Top Renovations that will boost your resale value allows you to make decisions on which projects you would like to undertake… for instance, just giving your front door a lick of paint & treating it to new numbers and handles can boost first impressions… add a plant or two and your home will be on its way to looking like a Stage Home.


Step 4: Compare Estate Agents

Although you may think comparing Estate Agent fees is important, it is relative to how well an Estate Agent actually preforms.

For instance: you may decide to pay (a slightly higher fee of) 2%+Vat for an Estate Agent to sell your property, but the Agent may achieve 98.9% of their asking price and have sold 190 properties in the last 6months, meaning they have a high volume of interested buyers ready and waiting for their perfect home.

Looking at the sales data compares the sales data of all the Agents in your area and provides you with the 6 Best Agents.




Being clued up on the worth of your home, helps when you choose the right agent to value your property.