Buyers are nosey.

They will open your cupboards, turn on your taps and judge your DIY skills… not to mention, they will ask questions… millions of questions, to which your Estate Agent SHOULD know the answer to.

So you’ve Compared Estate Agents, recieved your free valuation and chosen the Best Estate Agent to sell your home.

Its now a good idea to provide your Agent with a Questions and Answers sheet so they can have the answers to hand.


Questions and Answers Booklet

Initial Questions

Q: Why is the vendor selling?

Q: How long has the vendor lived in the property?

Q: How long has the property been on the market?

Q: Has the property repeatedly changed hands?

Q: What is the EPC rating?

Q: What interest has there been? Have any offers been declined? What is the Vendors ideal sale price?

Q: Fixtures and Fittings – whats included? (check fireplaces/wood burning stoves/roll top bath tubs)


House Questions

Q: How old is the property?

Q: Has the property had extensions?

Q: Is there any planning permission granted to the property?

Q: Where are the actual boundaries to the property?

Q: When was the Boiler Installed? Has it been regularly serviced?

Q: Unit/Flat – Who is responsible for different aspects (roof/drains)

Q: What is the water pressure like?


History Questions:

Q: Has the property ever been burgled?

Q: Has the property ever flooded?

Q: Is there any known structural issues?

Q: Is there any damp issues?


Area Questions:

Q: Is there any planned works or improvements going on in the area?

Q: What schools is this house within the catchment area of?

Q: What are their most recent Ofsted Ratings?


If you have any other questions you think are perfect to ask your Estate Agent, send them through to us at