Packing up a house, box by box, room by room is nothing short of a nightmare. “Remember to leave the kettle out…”, “Where did that bag go that was on top of the drawers? You know, the ones with the passports in!” – your home goes from organised bliss to chaotic nightmare within hours… and the one thing that will make it worse… Children!


Bless their little souls…. those tiny feet running up and down the hall with your best curtains being used as a vail… or a toddler “helpfully” unpacking every box as you pack it … these little things would be extra cute and Facebook worthy if you didn’t have 48hours to pack up a 3 bed house and move out… and these (usually adorable) acts is not how you may have imagined your perfectly organised “home move” going. After all, Pinterest and Moving Home guides do not prepare you for having to re-pack boxes… four times!



Top Things to Remember:

Knives & Dangerous Goods

When you’re packing, its easy to forget that those items usually locked in a safety locked drawer are suddenly accessible in a cardboard box on the floor. Get yourself red sticking tape to put around ALL boxes with dangerous and breakable items – this way they are very distinguishable.

Get as much done after bedtime

No the elves won’t magically pack for you once your head hits that pillow (Shame!)… but you can get as much as possible sorted whilst the little beasts, sorry we meant angels… sleep.

Create a “My Special Box”

Your child, providing they are old enough, can choose items to go into their special box. PJ’s for their last night in their old home and first night in their new home, clothes for moving day, favourite toy, special blanket. This way they can rest assured knowing that their favourite items will not go into storage & gives them a sense of control. This can also help with the psychological understanding of moving & will save you a lot of stress looking for Pippy the Teddy at 2am, who unfortunately, has been packed! Opps!

Piled Boxes

Avoid piling boxes on top of each other – Kids are accident prone and you do not want the heavy box landing upon a small arm… no one enjoys an A&E visit!


How to let the kids help – without it turning into packing carnage!

Colour Code

Use colour coding for each box depending on the designated room it will be taken to in the new house. Sharpies (older children only – unless you fancy scrubbing black permanent marker from your 2yr olds face for a week!), Crayons, Stickers… Get the children to decorate each box with the appropriate colour to keep them busy and to help you with the organisation

Give them a box to pack

Pillows is a great thing for children to put in (and pull out) of boxes. Let them get in and out to keep themselves entertained!

Doodle Box

If you have a toddler who likes drawing, get a free big box from your local Homebase or Shop which can be spared from use, sit them inside with crayons and snacks and let them doodle away! If you’re lucky, you may get a whole 15minuets to yourself… ready, set… GO!