Its frustrating. You’ve found the house you love, you have buyers for your home & you’re already planning moving day, but one thing keeps standing in your way…your legal team!

Firstly, It might be helpful to know that a standard, uncomplicated sale can take 4-6 weeks with the legal team… providing nothing goes untoward! However when things become a little more complicated & you feel things are moving slowly, what can you do to help the legal matters go quicker?


Vendor/Buyer Communication

Gaining direct contact with your Vendor/Buyer is an important aspect of a home sale. If your legal representative states they are waiting on a response from your Vendor/Buyer, that means that you can contact them directly and advise what is needed and if they can provide it. This way they can get it ready for their legal team who will pass it forward.

You may be surprised that they have already completed the necessary paperwork requested, or answered the questions required – and there is a miscommunication with the two legal teams!


Frequent Telephone Communication

Just because you haven’t heard from your legal team, do not believe they are just working like honey bees in the background. By maintaining frequent (but not excessive!) communication, it allows you to monitor your case’s progress whilst keeping your case to the forefront of your legal teams mind.

Ask for what action points are currently being worked upon & what time frames they expect them to be completed within.

Remember: If someone says they’ll call you back, always ask for a time to expect the call – that way, you can refer back to this when you chase them and do not feel bad when you call back later on.

If you are having problems: Follow conversations up with emails detailing what was agreed in the conversation. This way, you have a paper trail of your communications and something to fall back onto should you need to.


Blind Copy of all email communication

Ask your legal team to blind copy you in on ALL communication regarding your property. this way, you will be kept in the loop and know when they are working on your case.


Providing a provisional completion date

When I purchased my first property, our vendor was pregnant and desperate to move. We agreed on a date in November (3months after our offer was accepted) to complete and communicated this with our Solicitors who agreed it was achievable. Pushing a certain date allows everyone to be on the same page & obtain a goal to work towards.


Be Organised

Get yourself a folder and when paper communications come through, file them in date order. This way, when you are required to refer to information, you have it all in one place & available should your legal team need it.



Top tips from the start to ensure a speedy completion:

Get all your ID ready

Ensure your passport is up to date (and In date!) and ensure your drivers licence is in date with your current address. If your legal team isn’t local, you can get these checked and stamped with a local solicitor for a small fee of around £20.


Send back paperwork the day you receive it by recorded delivery

Ensuring all paperwork is completed promptly is important. Sending it back by recorded delivery ensures that nothing “gets lost in the post”, additionally taking a photo with Scan Apps and sending it back by Email allows your legal team to start the next step whilst waiting 1 day for the “hard” copy.