Who knew the beautiful white stuff could cause such havoc? Over turned cars, no public transport, crashes, lack of bread and milk in every supermarket within a walkable distance… its no secret that the UK aren’t best equipped when dealing with snow, but still, we love it!



You may have home viewings today, which, the buyer hasn’t cancelled (They have one of those new 4×4’s that can drive through 4ft deep snow) but fear not… you can use the picture perfect snow to show your home to its full potential…


Keep the picturesque Garden

Snow Day for the kids? Do not let them loose on the Garden! Send them over to the park if they want to play in the snow, keeping your garden footprint free is vital! However, make sure you cleverly clear the walk way. Start at the door and work towards the roadside, preventing a build up of sludge at the edges of the garden. Yuck!


Invite buyers in quickly

No one wants to doodle out in the cold – invite your buyers in to a lovely warm house. Crack the central heating up to give a deliciously warm feeling when greeting your guests. As its unlikely that you’ll have your windows open to let fresh air in, make sure you have a warm scent around the house – boil oranges and cinnamon in water for a festive feeling.


Welly Boots

When people are coming into your home, it can be awkward to ask people to their their shoes off! Have somewhere to put snowy boots, with your own pair already there in example. This makes your home feel liveable and useable.



Light a Fire

Lighting a fire makes your living room feel warm and comfortable. As it is likely you will be in the house, as such, make it feel warm & lived in.

A fire can throw back smoke, ensure you keep it well stoked and lit.


Put the lights on

Its likely the snow is causing a murky shadow within the house. In each room light bedside lamps & candles for mood lighting and to show your property in its best light.


Winter Flowers

If you can, pop to the shop & grab yourself some winter flowers. This will help the room feel in keeping with the weather but