We spoke to Andy Wicking, Managing Director of the estate agency RedDoor Homes, about his recent experience of selling his home through a competitor. At first he advertised the property himself but soon realised locality is key. 

Where was the property you were selling?
The property is based in Surrey and is located approximately 44 miles away from my estate agency branch in Kent.

Where did you advertise the property?
I advertised the property through the usual channels – Rightmove, OnTheMarket and social media to name a few.

What was the initial interest like?
Quite quickly I realised we were not generating the level of interest I’m used to, especially when I compared the numbers to local properties we were advertising. In the first month of advertising, the property had received only two enquiries and two viewings.

What do you think the problem was?
I believe that the issue was down to me not being close to the property, not having the local knowledge of the area or a local database I can utilise. RedDoor Homes has a catchment of approximately 2 miles from branch and we confidently know every road and house in the area.

What did you do next?
I decided that I needed to recruit an estate agent nearer to the property. I felt the property needed a local agent with a local database. Also I could only conduct viewings when I was in the area. The local agent is always in the area, or one of there staff is.

How did you go about choosing the right estate agent?
Previously used the agent that I went with. I considered three agents but settled on one.

Are you happy with your decision?
Yes. He managed to get 15 viewings within one week plus 2 offers.

What’s the success so far?
We have an offer that I am considering but have found nothing to purchase as of yet.

Why do you think there has been more success?
Because of the house I have and the high end local agent that he is. Also he has a local knowledge and knows what his buyers are after.

What has this experience taught you?
Always use a local agent who has a database of clients and knows the area inside out. Also you need to use the correct type of agent for the type of property. i.e. a premium agent for a premium house.